13 Things Making You Very Fatigued During Pregnancy

13 Things Making  You Very Fatigued During Pregnancy
October 08 07:06 2017




Bringing a new life in this world can be a heart melting process. Both the parents are emotional about this new phase of their life and start living a dream from the moment they get to know about the big tips. Though a lifetime experience for the couple, the span of pregnancy that is 36 weeks or 9 months are crucial for a mother-to-be, both physically and mentally.

Entire pregnancy is divided into three trimesters i.e. Coverage of entire nine months divided into three. You should always remember that you are amongst few lucky ones who get this wonderful and amazing opportunity to experience a different life throughout these nine months.

‘There is no free lunch in this world’, and when it comes to bringing an entire new life in this world, you surely will have to go through many tough times throughout the course your baby is growing inch by inch inside you.

Common things that make you tired during your pregnancy

When your body works double shift, you are tending to have the common symptom known as, ‘Feeling tired’ during the course of your pregnancy.

You are not aware that how much exertion your body takes to make that drop of blood into 2 to 3 kilograms of a baby. Here are simple things, which might be the part of your daily regime, but proves drained and irked of energy.

1) Shopping

– Oh yes! You read it absolutely right. This might be, in fact definitely would be your favorite past time, but yes, it does bring your energy to zero level while you are expecting.

– However, fascinated you become about going for a window shopping with your girl gang, but it will be leave you worn out.

2) Late night movies

– Pregnancy will not only make you tuckered out, but also droopy and drowsy most of the time. This will be more rampant if you are in your first trimester.

– Watching late night movies will now just be dreamy, as during the course of pregnancy, you will have a maximum affinity towards sleeping and resting. (Though last trimester might be much different than this!)




3) Cooking

– Making a delicious meal might be your hobby and would have given you a sense of satisfaction always.

– But now when that tiny creature is growing inside you, making the smallest and simplest meal will be a daunting job.

– Especially, ladies in their first trimester will be feeling nauseated with certain smells and this will add to the discomfort.

4) Doing household chores

– A simple job as folding the clothes and arranging them in your wardrobe might sound boring as well as draining of energy.

– The sight of clothes or utensils or any other household chore will horrify you.

– Learn to pay less heed to the messy house or kitchen, and just be in sync with yourselves and your growing baby inside you.

– Do not over-exert yourself post coming from the office and date your bed if you are sleepy, even if not just relax!




5) Going to the Salon

– Do you feel that you need a haircut or an eyebrow or a manicure pedicure? But still avoiding it since long?

– Yes, you are not alone as many ladies and mums-to-be feel bored and do not want to go anywhere after their long day at work except home.

– However, do gather some energy on weekends at least and enjoy a refreshing makeover or a massage at your favorite salon.




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